Fiora Garenzi

  • Hrssai lives in a small village in the High Atlas with around 200 habitants, in the middle of a valley surrounded by a mountain. He has been married since his twenties with Lo, who bore him 4 children. Except for his wedding, the only time he left his village, where his family has been living for generations, was during the Western Sahara’s war between Morocco and Mauritania. Fighting from the moroccan side, he lost his left foot in 1981 in the conflict.

    Lo cares for him, and does different traditional jobs in order to provide a decent life for her family. Both do their best to preserve the ancient way of living they learnt from their parents, who learnt it from their parents. The children work in the house, doing the chores usually assigned to the man of the family. For many years this traditional lifestyle suited the family, but Hrssai is losing his sight, and his health is deteriorating, he needs a lot of medical help. His sons now have much responsibility as the men of the house but they wish for a different life.